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Black Diamond


A Digital Realm of Culture and Interactive Experiences

Welcome to The Calaveraverse, your gateway to a bilingual gaming and learning platform that fuses immersive experiences, and the richness of Latino culture and traditions. Dive into the vibrant realm of Calaveraverse, where a treasure trove of unique and engaging experiences await you. Explore the thrilling world of Calavera FC, test your luck in Lotería Mundial, expand your knowledge at Mictlan University, and join our exciting Operation Meteor Scholarship Initiative. Immerse yourself in our bilingual gaming universe and embark on a journey of cultural discovery and fun!

Calavera FC

The beautiful game transcends life and death

Calavera FC embodies the spirit of Mexican culture and the thrill of fútbol. Our products merge the beauty of life and the passion for the beautiful game with the iconic Calavera art style, reminding us to embrace athletic and artistic pursuits. In the Calaveraverse, we celebrate the fusion of sport and culture and look forward to presenting updates on real-life fútbol leagues through our beloved Calavera characters. Join us in celebrating life and fútbol!

Lotería Mundial

Tradition Reimagined

Experience Lotería Mundial, the online multiplayer sensation inspired by Mexico's iconic card game, 'Lotería.' Immerse yourself in a cherished piece of Latino culture, uniting friends and family through a modern, digital platform. Join players worldwide and celebrate your shared heritage with this addictive, community-driven mobile game.

Round Library

Mictlan University

Empower your mind

Explore Mictlan University, The Calaveraverse's educational platform designed to empower individuals with valuable knowledge and skills across various fields. From entrepreneurship and STEM to healthcare and Indigenous history, we're committed to providing accessible and transformative content to help everyone learn, grow, and succeed. Join us in our mission to unlock the potential within.

Operation Meteor

Empowering STEM Futures

Introducing Operation Meteor, the philanthropic initiative of the Calaveraverse that aims to empower students in STEM fields. Our mission is to make STEM education accessible and inspiring for the next generation of leaders through scholarships and customized study sessions. Join us in shaping the future with Operation Meteor.

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